I love doing different tags which are really fun, let me know what tags you want me to do!


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I thought it would be fun to do the This or That Tag, I have put my answers in bold. Please let me know what you think of my answers and if you agree. If you have done this tag let me know in the comments!

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Baby names

Before I start this tag I want to clarify that I am 20 years old and I am NOT pregnant! I wanted to do this tag because I love thinking about what I would like to call my children and what names I like. As I said I am not pregnant and my situation could change and I could end up using these names. These are names that right now I would not use.

I have 5 girls names and 5 boys names, please don’t be offended if you are named one of these names or you are thinking of calling your child one of these names these are all my opinion. I do love all the names I have picked but for the various reasons I have mentioned I would not use them for my children.

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food tag

I thought I would do the food tag! Let me know what you think and what your answers would be!

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harry potter tag

If you didn’t know I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter! I have all the films and have seen them so many times I can practically recite them! Because I love it so much I thought it was only fitting that I do the Harry Potter tag!

Just before I would like to say that I have only actually read the first five books a long time ago so I don’t really remember them so the book questions wont be that relevant, Sorry!

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Disney Tag

I love Disney so much I thought it would only be fitting that I do the Disney Tag!!

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Thank you for tagging me Lou Loves I hope you enjoy this tag and let me know if you do this tag.

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I found this beauty would you rather tag online, I don’t know who created it but I thought it would be something fun to do! If you do this tag please let me know as I would love to see your answers!

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25 facts

I really want to do the 25 facts about me tag but I couldn’t find a full list of questions I liked so I adapted a few and created my own! So here is my 25 facts about me!

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I really love reading tags so I thought I would start doing some! This is The British Tag created by BeautyCrush. As I am British I thought it was only fitting that I do it!

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