L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Nourish Moisturiser Review

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For ages I was looking for a really good moisturiser which would hydrate and protect my skin, as well as allowing my make up to go on smoothly. About a month ago I found the perfect one – the L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Nourish Intense Hydrating Moisturiser.

What I love most about this moisturiser is the consistency. Usually I go for moisturisers in a squeezy tube, but this one is in a pot; this means that the consistency is much thicker. I think this is better for my skin and protects and moisturises it much more.

I only have to use a small amount of product and it goes a long way! I usually apply it after I have taken off my make up in the evening; and my skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated which helps when I apply my make up in the morning. Its neither too thick or oily so I think it would be perfect for all skin types. I have been using it for a while now and I still have lots left.

Pros and Cons:


  • Very nourishing and hydrating.
  • Great price (£6.49).
  • There is a lot of product in the pot.


  • It can be a little difficult to get the product out of the pot.
  • It can feel sticky on my skin.

The only difficulty with this moisturiser is the packaging. It is in a jar pot which is perfect in my draw. However, it is difficult to take travelling with me as it is very heavy. I still love the moisturiser and use it every day when I am at home!

Justaddgloss x

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Vasanti Exfoliating Cleanser Review

Vasanti exfoliating cleanser

I have been trying out and loving the Vasanti Exfoliating Cleanser for the past few months. It removes all the leftover makeup and dirt from my face and exfoliates really well.


What I love most about this exfoliating cleanser is that the exfoliating beads are extremely small compared to other exfoliators I have used. This helps it to really get into my skin and leaves it feeling clean and clear. Once you have used it my skin is left feeling really soft and smooth. It helps my make up to sit better on my face and clean out my pores.

You only need to use a small amount and a little goes a long way! I have a small tube which has already lasted me lots of uses. Once I have used it my face isn’t left looking red, like some exfoliator’s cause. I add a moisturiser after for extra protection and keeping my face rejuvenated.

Pros and Cons:


  • Doesn’t cause redness on my face after use.
  • Cleans and clears my skin well.


  • The full size is expensive (£31.50)

I am not sure if I will purchase the full size bottle as it is quite expensive and I would like to try a few more cheaper alternatives to see how they compare to this one before I commit to spending the money. I would love to know what your favourite exfoliator’s are!

Justaddgloss x

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Clinique Turnaround Daytime Moisturiser Review

Clinique moisturiser.jpg

I have been loving using the Clinique Turnaround Daytime Revitalising Moisturiser over the last few weeks and it has replaced my previous moisturiser. 

I apply the moisturiser all over my face before applying the rest of my make up. It adds a lovely glow throughout my face and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. It gives me reassurance that my face is still being hydrated underneath all my make up. It also helps keep my make up lasting longer and my foundation applies better when I use it.


I apply it all over my face, give it a few minutes to settle down and then I apply my usual make up. You only need the smallest amount as a little goes a long way! It leaves my skin feeling nourished and protected. It keeps my make up lasting longer and applies better. It leaves my face feeling softer and looking brighter; it doesn’t make my face look oily or greasy.

Pros and Cons:


  • Nourishes and hydrates my skin.
  • You only need to use a little bit, so it lasts a while.
  • Reduced the dryness in my skin.
  • Very lightweight.


  • It is expensive (£34).

I received a sample of this moisturiser and it has lasted me a lot longer than typical samples as you only need a small amount. I really feel it is worth the money, it as this has reduced the dryness in my skin and has really helped improve my skin overall.

I would love to know what your favourite moisturiser is!

Justaddgloss x

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Hollister Solana Beach Body Mist Review

Holister body mist

One of my all time favourite scents has to be the Hollister Solana Beach body mist. which is the light blue one! I remember once being in Hollister for over 20 minutes smelling every scent to see which one I liked best!

Solana Beach smells fresh and light and the perfect summer smell. As it is a body spray I always spray a generous amount on me as it can fade quite quickly otherwise. It is quite a noticeable scent which I really like because there is nothing worse than no one else being able to smell your spray other than you!


The bottles last ages and so I rarely buy a new one. I recently went to get a new one and saw that the had changed their packaging. I think the new packaging is bigger than the previous and so it will last even longer! I always find that Hollister body sprays aren’t too expensive for what you get as they last forever; and they always have deals on the sprays.

Pros and Cons:


  • It smells amazing.
  • The bottles are big so it will last a while.
  • They have lots of different scents to appeal to everyone.


  • It is expensive for a body mist (£11).
  • The packaging is bulky making it harder to travel with.


I would love to know what your favourite Hollister spray is!

Justaddgloss x

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The Boots Essential Range Review

Boots essential range

I absolutely love the Boots essential range skincare! It is suitable for all types which is perfect if I suddenly get oily or dry patches. It has a cucumber scent with is my favourite scent for skincare products and they last a really long time.

One of my favourite products is the blemish stick. When you put it on your skin it feels a little oily and doesn’t leave any colouring on your face. For the stick to actually work I apply a large amount onto my spot by rubbing it on for about a minute of so.  I leave it on to soak in, usual I do this at night; and my the morning my spot has dramatically reduced. I continue to use it for about three days and by the end my spots have disappeared! I have heard such great reviews about this from friends, everyone says it is amazing!


Another product I love from the Boots essential range is their Moisturising Cream. It has reduced the patches and redness in my skin and leaves it feeling clean and refreshed. Again, like the blemish stick, it smells amazing and is in a small pot which is perfect for traveling but also lasts a really long time. 


The final product I like from the range is the eye gel. This has really helped on those sleepless nights when I’ve woken up with bags and redness under my eyes. It is cooling and refreshing, and brightens up my eyes. I like how it is a cool gel as I really feel it reduces the redness and leaves my eyes feeling brighter and more awake. 


I haven’t tried any other products in the range but I am sure they are all just as good as these three. 

Pros and Cons:


  • All products in the range are affordable.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • It smells amazing.
  • Hydrates my skin.


  • The moisturiser is quite bulky and hard to travel with.
  • You do have to use quite a lot of product to see results.


Let me know if you have tried any of the products in the Boots Essential Range!

Justaddgloss x

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Hand Cream Collection

Hand cream collection

Over the past few winter months hand creams have been my saviour. The cold weather always makes my hands feel really dry especially if I’m busy and out all day. Even though we are coming out of the colder months I have continued to use hand creams as I feel they help my skin and keep my hands soft throughout the day. I thought I would share with you some of the hand creams I have been loving. IMG_1058

The first and probably my favourite hand cream is The Body Shop Glazed Apple hand cream. The Glazed Apple scent is my all-time favourite scent so I had to have the hand cream! Not only does it smell amazing but it also nourishes my hands and leaves them feeling clean and softer. 


Another hand cream I have been loving is the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream. This is a more cream based formula which means it needs to be properly rubbed into your hands otherwise they can feel slightly sticky. This hand cream doesn’t have a smell but it works amazingly and I rarely have to top up throughout the day as it keeps my hands soft for a long time. 


I also am really loving the Marks and Spencer’s hand creams in the scents white peach and almond, and Passion flower. I received these as presents a while ago so I’m not sure if you can still buy them but I’m sure other Marks and Spencer’s ones are just as good. These are extremely creamy which leaves my hands feeling amazingly soft and protected. These hand creams smell really nice which is an added bonus! IMG_1057

The final hand cream I am loving was actually a present so I’m not exactly sure where it’s from but it’s by the brand Along Came Betty in the scent Peachy Keen. This hand cream smells and feels amazing; it is more specifically for dry skin so it is very moisturising and really helps to repair your hands. 


These are all the hand creams I have been loving at the moment. Let me know what your favourite hand creams are and if you have tried any of the ones I have! 

Justaddgloss x

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream Review


I was given the chance to try the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream and its amazing! Sudocrem has never been a brand I have considered using as part of my skin care regime, however I will definitely be using it now!

The great thing about this cream is that its really versatile; it can be used for dry skin, spot prone skin, as moisturiser or even as a face mask. Within a couple of days of using it I noticed that my skin was less dry and looked clearer. I rarely get spots but when I had a couple I put the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream on and over night my spots had already reduced. I also used the cream as a face mask, which at first took some getting used to as it isn’t designed to only be a face mask which means that it doesn’t harden on your skin. I left it on for about 20 minutes, which is the recommended time for typical face masks, and after taking it off, my skin felt softer and clearer. The cream has a really thick consistency which I like as you feel that it is actually working on your skin.


I absolutely LOVE the packaging! I love that it comes in a tube so it is easy to carry around in your bag and personally I much prefer tubes to pots. At first it was a little difficult to get the product out as it is really thick but with a good squeeze it comes out! I also found that because it is thick and also in a tube it avoids a lot of mess and the lid hasn’t got clogged with wasted product which I really like.

Pros and Cons:


  • Nourished my skin nicely.
  • Reduced redness and spots.
  • Can be used in a range of different ways.
  • Very affordable (£2.09).


  • The formula is thick which makes it slightly difficult to get out of the tube.

The Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is really good for sensitive skin and works for the whole family regardless of age or skin type. It is also very inexpensive and is definitely a product I will be using more often!

Justaddgloss x

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Thank you to Sudocrem for sending me this product to review.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews about the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer but personally I really like it! From reading reviews about it, I think it all depends on your skin type and what you want from a primer.

I apply the primer to my nose area and under my eyes to make sure my make up is even. The consistency is really thick and what I would describe as more of a gel, and actually makes me feel like it is doing something. It is a clear colour which I prefer as it means I wont have different colours on my skin and my foundation all looks even.

As it is thick it really covers my pores and ‘erases’ them, which is what the product claims to do. I don’t use this all over my face, however, I feel like it would work amazingly if I did. Personally I prefer to use a lighter weight primer over the rest of my face. This Maybelline pore eraser also helps to keep my make up on longer as typically, without it, it doesn’t stay on around my nose area and comes off throughout the day.

Pros and Cons:


  • It covers my pores to help even out my skin.
  • It keeps my make up lasting longer.
  • It is very affordable (£7.99).
  • You only need to use a little amount of product.


  • It is very thick and heavy.

I have almost finished mine and have already bought a new one ready to use! Let me know if you have used it and what you thought.

Justaddgloss x
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T-Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips Review

About a month ago I bought some T-Zone nose pore strips; I had never heard of the brand before but they were the only ones in the shop so I thought I would just try them out and if I liked them see if there were other brands in different shops. I wasn’t really sure what to expect I was just hoping for my pores to be cleared out and my nose left feeling smooth and clean.

I was completely impressed with these nose strips, I was surprised by actually how badly clogged up my pores were and it has made me wonder how bad the rest of my skin could be. My nose was left smooth and I actually felt like the pore strip had worked. I wasn’t left with any red patches or a sore feeling on my nose.
It took me a bit of time to work out how to use the strip but I soon realised that your nose has to be wet for the strip to stick. You leave it on for about 10 minutes; and in that time the strip gets harder which can feel a bit uncomfortable or weird! After 10 minutes you have to rip it off, like a plaster! I didn’t think it was too painful as you know its helping your skin.
I wasn’t sure how often you should use them so I did one two weeks later as I do put quite a few products on my nose and I wanted to see how quickly your pores get clogged up again. They weren’t that bad after two weeks so I have decided I will do one every 4-6 weeks. Again I am not too sure if this is too often or not but I guess its just a bit of trial and error!
I looked into the T-Zone brand and saw they also sell face pore strips so I think I will also try them out. The brand isn’t expensive and I think it is completely worth buying as they have worked amazingly for me. As I said these are the first one’s I have tried so there may be better ones, but right now these work perfectly for me.
Let me know what you think of pore strips and what brand you use as I would love to try more out!
Justaddgloss x