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I really am not the best at taking care and moisturising my body and I really do need to get better at am trying to! I would love to know what your favourite skincare body products are as I really would like to try and use more body moisturisers.

Check out my body skincare posts below:

Merci Handy hand cream

I had never heard of the brand Merci Handy before receiving their New Wave hand cream in my Birchbox. My initial thoughts were that it is the perfect hand bag size as it isn’t too big compared to other hand creams I have used.

Unlike many hand creams I have used this one doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky just after I have used it. I always find with hand creams that I can’t touch or do anything for a few minutes after applying to my hands because they take forever to soak in!

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bath and body works hand sanitisers

Of course I had to go to Bath and Body Works on my first ever visit to America to get their famous hand sanitisers! For my first trip to Bath and Body Works I found it quite overwhelming there was so many different products and I had no idea what I wanted or what smelt nice! I knew the hand sanitisers were a must and I was surprised by how many different ones there were and that they actually smelt nice! How in England have we not yet worked our how to make nice smelling hand sanitisers, and if we have – where!!

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Body Shop Mango Exfoliator

I love The Body Shop and all there products, they have such a variety and there products work amazingly. One of my favourite Body Shop products is their mango Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. They have a variety of different scents, but the mango one is my favourite!

The best, and in my opinion the most important thing I love about it is the smell. I am really fussy with scents especially The Body Shop scents but I do love mango. The scrub itself works really well, it is really thick so you can feel it working really well. You don’t need too much product as a little goes a long way! I apply it to an exfoliating glove and scrub away!

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During the winter months I prefer to use a body butter as they are thicker and moisturise my skin which is important in the cold as my skin gets very dry. My favourite body butters to use are The Body Shop ones as they are nourishing and hydrating to my skin.

The Body Shop body butters come in two different sizes, a larger tub and smaller travel size tub. Personally I prefer the smaller tubs as they still have a lot of product inside and lasts a long time. However, the larger tubs are also great especially if you use a it regularly. Either way the body butters hydrate dry skin as well as not feeling sticky.

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Hand cream collection

Over the past few winter months hand creams have been my saviour. The cold weather always makes my hands feel really dry especially if I’m busy and out all day. Even though we are coming out of the colder months I have continued to use hand creams as I feel they help my skin and keep my hands soft throughout the day. I thought I would share with you some of the hand creams I have been loving.

The first and probably my favourite hand cream is The Body Shop Glazed Apple hand cream. The Glazed Apple scent is my all-time favourite scent so I had to have the hand cream! Not only does it smell amazing but it also nourishes my hands and leaves them feeling clean and softer. 

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