Make up

I am completely make up obsessed! I love trying out different products to see what I like and to try and find new staple products! I mainly review drugstore products as no-one wants to spend lots of money on make up especially if you aren’t 100% sure you will like it. If I do include some more expensive products it is because I truly love it and I would never recommend an expensive product which I don’t love.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, they are all completely honest and from my point of view. I understand that everyone has different opinions and like different products, and I hope you respect mine. Please leave me a comment if you have tried any of the products I mention letting me know what you thought of it; as well as any suggestions of other products I may like.

See my most recent make up posts below:

loc lipstick Image

I love the LOC lipstick by Millie, especially during the summer and autumn months. I do believe it is exclusive to Birchbox but I’m sure you don’t need to be subscribed to the monthly subscription to buy from Birchbox. 

The LOC lipstick is a really pretty pale pink shade. It’s not completely matte as it has a slight shine to it. I think the shade would be perfect for all occasions. What I love most is that it’s in a ‘crayon’ applicator than your typical lipstick stick. I think this makes it better to apply as you can almost use it as a lip liner and then fill your lips in as you normally would with a lipstick.

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I have been absolutely loving the POP Beauty eyeshadows recently. I had never heard of this brand until I received a trio of their eyeshadows in my Birchbox a few months ago and I am loving them!

This may seem strange but I really don’t like it when eyeshadows are super pigmented because it can be hard to blend and they can look patchy. These eyeshadows are a perfect pigmentation for me, they can be applied subtly or built up to a stronger look.

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