Primers Reviews

I have recently really loved trying and testing different primers and seeing what is best. This is because I have found that using a primer makes my skin more even and helps my foundation stay on longer and apply better to my skin. I haven’t tried loads of primers but the ones I have used have been really good. Let me know what primers you love!


Check out my primer Reviews below:

Smashbox primer

Last December I got a sample of the Smashbox photo finish foundation primer, I was already using and loving the Maybelline baby skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer and so I wasn’t looking to change especially to a much more expensive primer. However, once I tried it I fell in love.

The consistency is thick but lightweight and you can barely feel it on your face. You only need a small amount of product as a little goes a long way which is great for such an expensive product. Since using this primer my foundation applies much smoother and more evenly on my skin. I find that my foundation lasts a lot longer and doesn’t go patchy throughout the day.

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I have seen a lot of mixed reviews about the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer but personally I really like it! From reading reviews about it, I think it all depends on your skin type and what you want from a primer.

I apply the primer to my nose area and under my eyes to make sure my make up is even. The consistency is really thick and what I would describe as more of a gel, and actually makes me feel like it is doing something. It is a clear colour which I prefer as it means I wont have different colours on my skin and my foundation all looks even.

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MUA setting spray

I find that throughout the day, especially if I’m really busy, that my make up doesn’t last all day and I have to regularly top it up. When I’m at work or not doing much during the day I don’t mind as much; however, if I go out, especially in the evenings, I want my make up to stay intact throughout the whole night. So I took a trip to Superdrug and decided to try out the MUA Pro-Base mattify Fixing Mist for all day long wear. I chose the mattifying version as I prefer my make up to look more matte; they also do a normal version, which isn’t matte but I haven’t tried that one out before. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have oily skin as it doesn’t hide it and could make it worse.

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