Highlighter Reviews

Highlighter is a new make up product to my collection but I have definitely fully embraced the product and I have tried so many different types of highlighters and have found some I love and others I hate. I really only wear highlighter when I go out in an evening because I generally don’t like to wear a lot of make up on a regular day to day. Let me know what your favourite highlighter is I would love to try them out!

Check out my highlighter reviews below:

MUA highlighter

I purchased the MUA Shimmer Highlight Powder in the shade Radiant Cashmere. It is the first baked highlighter I have tried out before and it has definitely taken some getting used to! What I love the most is that as it is a baked highlighter the product doesn’t fall out of the pan and less product is wasted compared to my powder highlights which end up with the powder everywhere!

There is so much product included which is great, and this will last me a while! Despite it being called a shimmer highlighter it is definitely more of a glitter highlighter which I wasn’t expecting. I have never used a glitter highlight before and so I wasn’t sure what it would look like on. I prefer a more subtle highlighter which this highlighter definitely isn’t! I think it is much better for a night out or if you prefer a more glittery look.

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Sleek Face Form

Sleek Makeup is one of my favourite makeup brands I think it is very under-rated and many people think it is expensive but it really isn’t! I recently bought their Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette which consists of a blusher, bronzer and highlighting trio. I do already have these products individually but I wanted a trio for travelling as it is much easier.

The sleek Face Form Contour and Blush palette is amazing the packaging isn’t too large so it is perfect for travelling and there is a good amount of product included. As always sleek packaging always looks really high end and clean, and this trio is no exception. I love that the products don’t spread into each other and there is very little fall out.

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A couple months ago I received the Model Co highlighting trio in my Birchbox. It is the first Model Co product I have tried and I’ve been loving it! There are three shades Champagne, Peach Bellini and Bronze, and they are all cream highlighters.

I mainly use the champagne shade as it is the perfect highlighting shade for me. Peach bellini is very pink toned so it could be good for adding a shimmer or highlight over your blusher; and Bronze is really good as an eyeshadow.

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Recently I bought the Seventeen Glow Shimmer Brick because I had heard such great things about it; and it definitely lived up to its expectations because its amazing!

There are two different types, a pink bronze and a gold bronze; I bought the gold bronze as I preferred the colours and think they look better on me. There are four different shades, a light cream shade, a light brown shade, a gold shade and a darker brown. The two lighter shades are perfect as a highlighter; the darker shades are a bit too dark as a highlighter for me but I like to use it on top of my contour to add a bit of shimmer.

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One of my favourite makeup brands has to be Sleek; the packaging looks high-end and they are extremely pigmented but at an affordable price.

One of my personal favourite products is the face contour kit in the shade Light 884, which includes a matte powder bronzer and highlighter. The bronzer is the perfect shade for contouring my face and the highlighter adds a light shine and shimmer. The packaging is the perfect travel size but has enough product to last a long time; and also includes a mirror which is just an extra bonus! As I have very pale skin I was worried even the lightest shade would be too dark; but I had nothing to worry about! It is my perfect shade and is highly pigmented which means it lasts throughout the whole day.

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