Foundation Reviews

Foundation is my least favourite make up product I find it so difficult to find my shade because my skin is very pale and most foundations are too orangey for my skin tone.  I have tried so many foundations and I do like trying different ones to see what is best for my skin and what looks the most natural. Let me know what you think of the foundations I have tried and if you know any I should try.

Check out my foundation reviews below:

Maybelline fit me foundation

I have finally found the best foundation for my pale skin! If you are like me and have very pale skin and find that the majority of foundations are too dark or orange for your skin, then you have to try the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Liquid Foundation! They have so many different shades if you have trouble finding a foundation to match your skintone I would definitely check out the range.

I use the shade number 100 Warm Ivory, I would recommend you look online as the majority of shops do not have the whole range of shades; there is only one Boots shop I have ever been in which actually sells the shade I use!

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Clinique foundation

After struggling to find a good foundation which also matches my skin tone I think I’ve finally found the perfect foundation. I have been using Clinique Chubby in the Nude foundation in the shade 02 and it is so good!

It is a very lightweight and sheer foundation which I never thought I would like but I actually really do! Being a stick foundation it has taken some time to get use to and learn how much to apply but I think after about a month now I am getting used to it. Being a cream foundation it is really easy to blend into the skin and if can be built up easily.

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Superdrug bb cream

For a while I was looking for a good and affordable BB cream which would help my make up last longer and not look crumbly on my face. A few months ago I came across the Superdrug’s 5-in-1 BB Cream.

I have the shade ‘light’ however it is most certainly not light! It leaves my face looking extremely orange! But I haven’t been put off by this as once I put my foundation over the top my face no-longer looks orange and the BB Cream isn’t seen. I apply the BB Cream all over my face and leave it for a couple of minutes to soak in. It stops my foundation coming off and keeps it lasting all day.

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MAC Products

I have recently invested in my first few MAC products after having my make up done there. I decided to invest in the products which I really loved and ones which I didn’t think I could buy similar anywhere else. I decided on their foundation, brow gel and the paint pot. Take a further look at what I think on each of the products!

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A few years ago I loved wearing the Seventeen Skin Perfecting shine free foundation but when I went to buy some more they stopped selling it. From then I changed to my MAC face and body foundation. Recently I thought I would give Seventeen foundation another go and was disappointed; I bought the Miracle Matte foundation in the hopes it would be similar but it wasn’t. The formula is too thick and more of a mousse like consistency, its difficult to blend in and leaves your face looking patchy.

In one final attempt I bought the Stay Time foundation and I am completely in love! The consistency is extremely thick as it is a full cover foundation; however, it doesn’t feel as heavy on your skin and blends in so well.