I live in London and I love exploring the city and visiting new places across the world. I like to find non-traditional places you would expect to visit in London especially since I live here it is nice to find something not too touristy.

Check out my days out posts below:


Being honest here, I wasn’t sure if I should write a blog post on my experience visiting Seaworld in Orlando, Florida because I know the terrible and unnatural conditions the animals are kept in. Please don’t give me hate for this but I did go and visit Seaworld and despite everyone feeling very sorry for the animals lots of people do still go and visit places like Seaworld.

I will start off with why I decided to go, and I did think about it a lot but truthfully I live in England and the UK laws on keeping sea animals is so strict (for example the size of the tank) that it is nearly impossible to actually follow them and so people don’t. Because of this I have never actually seen any whales, killer whales, dolphins or mantas in person and despite hearing all the issues surrounding their living conditions and treatment I still couldn’t fully understand myself what it was like and how bad they are.

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Universal orlando

This summer my boyfriend and I visited Orlando, Florida and we went to the Universal parks – Universal Studios, Universal Island of Adventures and their new water park Volcano Bay.

I was super excited to visit these parks because I love Harry Potter and couldn’t wait to visit Hogsmede and Diagon Alley! I do feel like the universal parks either have rides aimed at younger children or very fast rides and not much in between if you are not a fan of roller-coasters.

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Disneyworld florida

OMG OMG!!! I cannot believe I am doing this post!! This summer my boyfriend and I went to Disneyworld Florida it was my first time ever going and it was the most amazing fantastic and magical experience of my life!!

We went for two weeks and went to all 6 of the Disney parks, the 4 theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal kingdom; and the two water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. I would absolutely recommend it for all ages there was something for everyone! Even if  you don’t like rides there was loads of things to do including seeing the characters, watching shows and most of the rides were 3D rides rather than actual roller-coasters. My favourite park has to be Animal Kingdom even though I loved all the parks that one was the best in my opinion.

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Beauty unbound

On Saturday 28th May I headed to Westfield Stratford to see Victoria Magrath, also known as Inthefrow at the Beauty Unbound event.

If you are unsure of what Beauty Unbound is, it is a beauty event held at Westfield Stratford for the whole month of May. There are four beauty brand stands – Clinique, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown and Bumble and Bumble. At each of the stands the brands can give you some tips on certain areas for example Bobbi Brown showed how to get the perfect brows and Bumble and Bumble offered a dry styling hair makeover. It is a really good way to learn what products are right for you and also how to use it.

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My Old Dutch

One of my favourite places to go out to eat in London is My Old Dutch which is a pancake restaurant. I have only been to the one in Holborn but they also have locations in Kensington and Chelsea.

If you love pancakes it is the perfect place to go! Their pancakes are huge and they have hundreds of different varieties including sweet, savoury and a make-your-own option! They also have more dessert style pancakes and more meal/pizza-like pancakes. There is literally something for everyone, and the pancakes are huge and extremely filling. I got bananas and Nutella on my pancake and it was amazing!

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I love visiting aquariums and London Sealife Aquarium was no different! 

There were so many different, amazing fish to see. I saw starfish, jellyfish, turtles and your typical other fish. There is even penguins! There is a huge tank in the middle of the whole aquarium which you can see from loads of different angles. Inside it there are different types of sharks and other large fish. There is also a little stingray pool where you can see different types of stingrays. There is also the chance to touch starfish and different shell fish. 

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I know I haven’t posted in what feels like years but I have been crazy busy the last few months. Some of you may know that I am doing an apprenticeship right now and finish in November, so I have been so busy trying to get everything finished.

Anyway, I thought I would give you an update and what I have been up to this summer besides working!

At the beginning of July I went to Mallorca and had such an nice time! I was definitely more of a relaxed holiday but it was just so nice being in a hot country away from everything and I really needed the time to relax. We went to a waterpark one of the days which was amazing! We spent the whole day there and went on all the water rides!

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my birthday Udderbelly

For my actual birthday I went to a spa, but I am going to tell you about the day after, which was spent in London with my boyfriend.

We went to the Udderbelly festival where we saw the closer circus and it was amazing! There were five performers and they were all so strong and flexible! They each did an act of their own as well as all in a group and pairs. They performed tricks with rope, swings and bars. There was a whole variety of different things they did and it was all so cool! It has most definitely made me want to become more flexible!

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The London Eye

London has so many amazing sights to see and one place to see the most of the beautiful city is from the London Eye. Living in London, I have been on the London Eye many times and I would recommend going at night because everything is lit up no looks so pretty.

The London Eye sits on the River Thames on Southbank. From there you can see down the river both sides and get to see all of London’s sights. It moves extremely slowly allowing you to see everything. You are enclosed in a large glass pod so you can see London from all directions. It is such an amazing feeling to be above all of the hustle and bustle of the London streets and there’s something extremely peaceful about being up so high over the city.


I am OBSESSED with Disney! The films, the characters, just everything! But I had never been to Disneyland… a shock I know! So once I had finished school my friend and I decided the only logical thing to do… at 18 years of age was to go to Disneyland! We went at the end of June when everyone was still at school so it was really quiet and we hardly had to queue up for any rides which meant we could get so much done! We were in France for three days and it had to be the three most magical days EVER!

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The zoo is one of my favourite places to visit and so recently I visited London zoo! Now for people who don’t like zoo’s that much it wouldn’t seem that exciting but as a zoo visiting person London zoo is very different.

hey have a variety of different animals including giraffes, hippos, gorillas, monkeys, camels, chickens, sheep, bugs, snakes and butterflies. You can see all kind of animals up-close and personal. You can walk through the monkey, bird and butterfly enclosures which gives you a closer look and experience with the animals.

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Recently I went to the Disney Cafe at Harrods in London! It was just as magical as Disneyland and it felt as if I was there again! There were all different Disney characters and music from all different Disney films playing.

As you walk in the first thing you see is a giant clock face in the centre. All over the cafe are different characters including Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Toy Story and Lightning McQueen from Cars. There are screens playing different Disney films and you get the whole Disneyland feel. There are Mickey Mouse ears on the back, attached to each chair and the ceiling is a night sky. All the plates, mugs and glasses had Mickey Mouse’s face on.


I Love going to Brighton I think it is such a lovely town and has everything there! Since I live in London it takes around two hours on the train or around an hour and a half driving. Since it takes such a long time both there and back I rarely get the opportunity to go, but when I do its so nice!
Brighton is known as being the ‘town by the sea’ and if you have been there then you will understand this. It’s quite a built up area with lots of buildings. There are shops everywhere and of course the sea! When I go to Brighton I feel like everything is kind of squished into a little area; this is because it is very built up with everything being close but it also has everything a town needs.