Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Corrector Concealer Review

Collection green concealer

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is my all time favourite concealer, so when I found out they had brought out a colour correcting concealer I knew I had to try it! I bought the green shade to cover up any redness or spots on my face, and I was not disappointed!

Like the original Lasting Perfection concealer the consistency is very thick and covers up all my redness. I apply it before foundation and my foundation applies and looks the same as without it, so I am not left with any green patches on my face. It blends into my skin really well, the spongy wand allows you to easily apply as much or as little as you need so no product is wasted. The only thing I don’t like is that it is very matte and drying and so it does dry out my skin quite a bit. As I don’t use it everyday, only as I need, this doesn’t bother me too much.


The packaging is very lightweight and easy to carry around. The applicator is really easy to use and packs on a lot of the product. It is very soft which is great when applying to spots or sore areas as it doesn’t irritate it. unlike previous stick green concealers I have used, you can take the product off the applicator very easily when applying to spots to avoid spreading more spots. There is lots of product and a little goes a long way so this will be lasting me a very long time!


Pros and Cons:


  • It is a great price (£4.19).
  • It covers and hides redness well.
  • It is long lasting.


  • It is matte and dries out the skin.

Overall, I love this concealer it covers the redness on my skin really well and is long lasting.

Justaddgloss x

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Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Corrector Concealer

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