Merci Handy Hand Cream Review

Merci Handy hand cream

I had never heard of the brand Merci Handy before receiving their New Wave hand cream in my Birchbox. My initial thoughts were that it is the perfect hand bag size as it isn’t too big compared to other hand creams I have used.

Unlike many hand creams I have used this one doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky just after I have used it. I always find with hand creams that I can’t touch or do anything for a few minutes after applying to my hands because they take forever to soak in! This isn’t the case with the Merci Handy hand creams they rub in really well to my skin straight away. The formula is quite thick which leaves my hands feeling nourished and moisturised afterwards. This is especially great in the winter months and helps stop my hands from cracking or getting too dry.


There are five different scents, I received the New Wave scent which smells very refreshing and clean. The other scents include Hello Sunshine, Cherie Cherry and Flower Power, both which I am yet to try out but sound just as good!

Pros and Cons:


  • It is very affordable (¬£4.90).
  • Doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky.
  • Smells amazing.


  • It only comes in one size (30ml).
  • It is a French brand so can be expensive to buy straight from their website.


Let me know if you have tried any products from Merci Handy and what you thought of them!

Justaddgloss x

Products Mentioned:

Birchbox Merci Handy Hand Cream

Merci Handy Website

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