The Body Shop Mango Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Review

Body Shop Mango Exfoliator


I love The Body Shop and all there products, they have such a variety and there products work amazingly. One of my favourite Body Shop products is their mango Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. They have a variety of different scents, but the mango one is my favourite!


The best, and in my opinion the most important thing I love about it is the smell. I am really fussy with scents especially The Body Shop scents but I do love mango. The scrub itself works really well, it is really thick so you can feel it working really well. You don’t need too much product as a little goes a long way! I apply it to an exfoliating glove and scrub away!


I have a love hate relationship with the packaging. I love that it is in a pot so you can get out as much or as little as you need and if you have too much you can put it back. What I don’t like is that when I use it in the shower the label on the outside comes off and the pot fills with water really easily despite having the lid on. I am aware these are far from big problems but these are the small problems I have encountered. In no way have they affected my love for this product and I have repurchased it multiple times. The only real problem is that the pot is big and bulky and so isn’t ideal for travelling with.

Pros and Cons:


  • It smells amazing.
  • The scrub works really well to exfoliate your skin.


  • I do find myself wasting a lot of the product.
  • The packaging is big and bulky.

I do love The Body Shop Mango scrub and it is one of the best body scrubs I have used. I would love to know what your favourite scrubs are in the comments below!

Justaddgloss x

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