L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Nourish Moisturiser Review

L'Oreal moisturiser.jpg

For ages I was looking for a really good moisturiser which would hydrate and protect my skin, as well as allowing my make up to go on smoothly. About a month ago I found the perfect one – the L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Nourish Intense Hydrating Moisturiser.

What I love most about this moisturiser is the consistency. Usually I go for moisturisers in a squeezy tube, but this one is in a pot; this means that the consistency is much thicker. I think this is better for my skin and protects and moisturises it much more.

I only have to use a small amount of product and it goes a long way! I usually apply it after I have taken off my make up in the evening; and my skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated which helps when I apply my make up in the morning. Its neither too thick or oily so I think it would be perfect for all skin types. I have been using it for a while now and I still have lots left.

Pros and Cons:


  • Very nourishing and hydrating.
  • Great price (£6.49).
  • There is a lot of product in the pot.


  • It can be a little difficult to get the product out of the pot.
  • It can feel sticky on my skin.

The only difficulty with this moisturiser is the packaging. It is in a jar pot which is perfect in my draw. However, it is difficult to take travelling with me as it is very heavy. I still love the moisturiser and use it every day when I am at home!

Justaddgloss x

Products Mentioned:

L’Oreal Paris Triple Active Moisturiser


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