Summer 2016


I know I haven’t posted in what feels like years but I have been crazy busy the last few months. Some of you may know that I am doing an apprenticeship right now and finish in November, so I have been so busy trying to get everything finished.

Anyway, I thought I would give you an update and what I have been up to this summer besides working!

At the beginning of July I went to Mallorca and had such an nice time! I was definitely more of a relaxed holiday but it was just so nice being in a hot country away from everything and I really needed the time to relax. We went to a waterpark one of the days which was amazing! We spent the whole day there and went on all the water rides! We also visited a market and went to the beach most days. We went on pedal boats so far out to sea and it was so fun!

The next holiday I went on was mid August and I went to Ibiza which was less of a relaxing holiday! When we first got their the following evening we went to Ushuaia to see Avicii play. It was so crazy there were so many people there but it was amazing! We stayed near San Antonio town on the other side of the bay. Right outside our hotel were water activities and the water taxi to the other side of the bay. One evening we went to Cafe Del Mar and watched the sunset which was so pretty! We also went to clubs including The Eden Project and Amnesia.

One day we went to OceanMania which is a giant inflatable obstacle course in the sea; it was amazing! There were trampolines and slides and lots of obstacles to get over; it was a bit difficult to get yourself up out of the water but it was so much fun! We also went to Ocean Beach Club which was good, we had lunch there and hung out by the pool.

On our final day we went on a snorkelling trip around the island; we went into what is called the ‘love’ cove, saw Rabbit Island and we even saw David Guetta and Niomi Campbell’s houses. We stopped off at a beach for about half an hour and went snorkelling. the water was so clear and you didn’t even need to wear a snorkel to see all the fish – it was so pretty!

I had such an amazing summer and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

Justaddgloss x


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