Sealife: London Aquarium


I love visiting aquariums and London Sealife Aquarium was no different! 

There were so many different, amazing fish to see. I saw starfish, jellyfish, turtles and your typical other fish. There is even penguins! There is a huge tank in the middle of the whole aquarium which you can see from loads of different angles. Inside it there are different types of sharks and other large fish. There is also a little stingray pool where you can see different types of stingrays. There is also the chance to touch starfish and different shell fish. 

There are different shows throughout the aquarium where you can learn about the different fish and also see the animals being fed. 

I love seeing all different kinds of fish and sea animals which is why I love visiting London aquarium. It is quite expensive however there are always vouchers you can get as well as package deals with other London sights. It takes, at the most, 2 hours to get round the whole aquarium – but depends on how long you want to look at all the fish! 


Justaddgloss x


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