Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit hoola bronzer

For as long as I can remember I have wanted the Benefit Hoola Bronzer but I could never commit to spending that much on a bronzer. For my birthday my boyfriend surprised me with it! It was the best present and I am completely obsessed with it!


The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is perfect for both day and night as it is easy to build up. For an everyday look I apply it very lightly just to add a little contour and a natural bronzed look. For an evening look I apply it slightly darker, but I still stick with a natural look. Despite me loving matte products I don’t usually go for a matte bronzer but I LOVE this one soooo much and it has replaced both my Rimmel London and The Body Shop bronzers. It is one shade which is perfect for all skin types , as long as you blend it in! It doesn’t look thick or patchy on my face and lasts a really long time.

The packaging is small and compact which makes it easy to carry around in my bag. It also comes with a thin brush which means you don’t have to carry around another brush if you didn’t want to. the lid is sealed by a magnet which ensures it won’t open and spill in your bag. The product is also very compact and so there isn’t lots of excess product in the packaging.

The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is expensive, at £26, in comparison to other, just as good bronzers. However, I love it so much and there is lots of product in the packaging so it will last a really long time!


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