Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation

Clinique foundation

After struggling to find a good foundation which also matches my skin tone I think I’ve finally found the perfect foundation. I have been using Clinique Chubby in the Nude foundation in the shade 02 and it is so good!



It is a very lightweight and sheer foundation which I never thought I would like but I actually really do! Being a stick foundation it has taken some time to get use to and learn how much to apply but I think after about a month now I am getting used to it. Being a cream foundation it is really easy to blend into the skin and if can be built up easily. The shade matched up really well to my natural skin tone and this will be my go-to foundation for the summer as it is a light coverage. It lasts all day and doesn’t become patchy over time. 

It is really easy to carry around in your bag and being a stick, cream foundation means it won’t spill in your bag which is an extra bonus!! It is slightly on the pricy side at £20 but I think it is really worth the money. 

This has become my go-to foundation which I never thought would happen as I love a full coverage foundation!

Justaddgloss x


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