Hollister Solana Beach Body Mist

Holister body mist

One of my all time favourite scents has to be the Hollister Solana Beach body mist. which is the light blue one! I remember once being in Hollister for over 20 minutes smelling every scent to see which one I liked best!IMG_0796

Solana Beach smells fresh and light and the perfect summer smell. As it is a body spray I always spray a generous amount on me as it can fade quite quickly otherwise. It is quite a noticeable scent which I really like because there is nothing worse than no one else being able to smell your spray other than you!

The bottles last ages and so I rarely buy a new one. I recently went to get a new one and saw that the had changed their packaging. I think the new packaging is bigger than the previous and so it will last even longer! I always find that Hollister body sprays aren’t too expensive for what you get as they last forever; and they always have deals on the sprays.

I would love to know what your favourite Hollister spray is!

Justaddgloss x


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