Hollister Solana Beach Body Mist Review

Holister body mist

One of my all time favourite scents has to be the Hollister Solana Beach body mist. which is the light blue one! I remember once being in Hollister for over 20 minutes smelling every scent to see which one I liked best!

Solana Beach smells fresh and light and the perfect summer smell. As it is a body spray I always spray a generous amount on me as it can fade quite quickly otherwise. It is quite a noticeable scent which I really like because there is nothing worse than no one else being able to smell your spray other than you!


The bottles last ages and so I rarely buy a new one. I recently went to get a new one and saw that the had changed their packaging. I think the new packaging is bigger than the previous and so it will last even longer! I always find that Hollister body sprays aren’t too expensive for what you get as they last forever; and they always have deals on the sprays.

Pros and Cons:


  • It smells amazing.
  • The bottles are big so it will last a while.
  • They have lots of different scents to appeal to everyone.


  • It is expensive for a body mist (£11).
  • The packaging is bulky making it harder to travel with.


I would love to know what your favourite Hollister spray is!

Justaddgloss x

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Hollister Solana Beach Body Mist


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