My Birthday at the Udderbelly Festival!

my birthday Udderbelly

For my actual birthday I went to a spa, but I am going to tell you about the day after, which was spent in London with my boyfriend.

We went to the Udderbelly festival where we saw the closer circus and it was amazing! There were five performers and they were all so strong and flexible! They each did an act of their own as well as all in a group and pairs. They performed tricks with rope, swings and bars. There was a whole variety of different things they did and it was all so cool! It has most definitely made me want to become more flexible!


At the Udderbelly festival you felt as if you had shrunk. You were surrounded by giant flower pots with plastic flowers in and a giant blow-up cow where the circus was held, inside. There were places to get a drink and food. There was also live music and; I believe, they had different performances on throughout the festival. The whole festival was amazing and if you get a chance you should definitely check it out even if you don’t go to see the circus it’s a nice day out!


After the circus we walked around London going through Trafalgar Square where we saw street performers and looked over the beautiful fountains.



We were heading in the direction of Planet Hollywood where we were going to dinner. I have never been before and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect; but just as the name suggests you felt like you had entered Hollywood! There was music playing and pictures of actors and actresss all over the walls.

Being a slightly fussy eater what I enjoyed most was the variety of different foods you could have; there was almost every option! I had a broccoli and chicken pasta which was amazing! And without forgetting dessert we shared a chocolate brownie. The food was amazing and I will most definitely be going back in the near future!!


I had such a good birthday and I am extremely grateful for the presents I received and I had such a nice day.

Justaddgloss x


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