My First Time Tag

my first time tag.jpg

I thought I would do another tag so you can get to know me more! Hope you like it!

1) First YouTube video you ever watched?

I really can’t remember but probably a music video.

2) First person you subscribed to on YouTube?

I think Zoella.

3) Do you still talk to your first love?

NO definitely not.

4) When was your first kiss?

On holiday in the evening under a tree.

5) First alcoholic drink?

Smirnoff Ice – isn’t that everyones?!

6) What was your first car?

Ermm…..about that I still am yet to learn to drive!

7) What was your first job?

Does cleaning the car count – I mean I got paid!

8) What was your first pet?

Fluffy the rabbit!

9) What was your first celebrity crush?

Probably Leonardo Dicaprio or Zac Efron!

10) First Real Boyfriend?

Was when I was 16.

11) Who was the first person to text you this morning?

My bestfriend.

12) Who was your First grade teacher?

I’m not sure what first grade is, but the first teacher I remember having is Mrs Lustard.

13) Where was your first sleepover?

I think at my grandparents.

14) What was the first thing you did this morning?

Checked my phone.

15) First concert you ever went to?

Olly Murs.

16) First broken bone?

I have never broken a bone.

17) First movie you remember seeing?

I think Barbie rapunzel

18) First sport you were involved in?


19) First tweet?

I really don’t know.

20) First piercing?

My first and only is my ears.


I hoped you liked my answers and please let me know in the comments if you have done this tag.

Justaddgloss x


5 thoughts on “My First Time Tag

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