Superdrug BB Cream Review

Superdrug bb cream

For a while I was looking for a good and affordable BB cream which would help my make up last longer and not look crumbly on my face. A few months ago I came across the Superdrug’s 5-in-1 BB Cream.

I have the shade ‘light’ however it is most certainly not light! It leaves my face looking extremely orange! But I haven’t been put off by this as once I put my foundation over the top my face no-longer looks orange and the BB Cream isn’t seen. I apply the BB Cream all over my face and leave it for a couple of minutes to soak in. It stops my foundation coming off and keeps it lasting all day. It also hydrates my skin and reduces redness. I would definitely recommend this as a base or moisturiser but be careful of the colour you choose as they appear a lot darker than expected on the skin.

The packaging is in an easy to use, squeezy bottle and there is a lot of product so it lasts a along time. You only need a small amount of product as a little goes a long way.

pros and Cons:


  • Reduces redness.
  • The packaging is easy to use and travel with.


  • The light shade is extremely orange.
  • As a pale person I cannot use it without foundation.

Let me know if you have tried the Superdrug BB Cream and what you thought of it.

Justaddgloss x

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Superdrug BB Cream


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