Heat protectant Sprays Reviews

Heat protectant sprays

I am always blow drying and straightening my hair which may look nice but it’s not always the best for my hair. I use heat protectant sprays to protect my hair and prevent it from damaging. The two I love to use are the Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protectant Straightening Spray, and the Boots own Style Works Heat Protectant Spray. 

The main one I use is the Schwarzkopf one as it is specifically a strong hold straightening spray and so I feel it keeps my hair straight for a lot longer and I don’t have to keep re-straightening my hair. It is a light spray and so it doesn’t make my hair feel any heavier which is amazing as I find some hair sprays make my hair feel heavier or thicker. I spray it all through my hair when I’m half way through blow drying and my hair is almost completely dry. This is because I have found if I spray it before blow drying then it gets a bit dried out and this way I can ensure my hair is properly protected. IMG_0096

The other hair protectant spray I use is the Boots own brand one in Sleek Finish. This is a cheaper alternative and easier to find! It leaves a smooth and soft finish to my hair and keeps my hair straight for a long time. Similar to the Schwarzkopf one I also spray this when I’m almost finished blow drying. However I’ve found that I need to use less of the Boots one otherwise it makes my hair look a bit fluffy. Also as an added bonus it smells nice! IMG_0095

I like to use heat protectant as I’m always straightening my hair and I want to make sure it’s protected and I don’t damage it. 

I would like to hear what heat protectants you use, if any! 

Justaddgloss x


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