Natural Collection Green Concealer Review

Green concealer

When I started to get spots and red patches I looked everywhere to find the best product to hide and conceal them. I came across green concealer and heard that the Natural Collection one was amazing. I was sceptical at first as Natural Collection make up hasn’t worked that well for me in the past. However, I just wanted to hide my redness as quick and easily as possible and the Natural Collection green concealer did just that!


The concealer is in a stick, cream form which makes it easier to specifically target green areas on your skin. It rubs into your skin but leaves a green tint which counteracts with the redness on your skin. I apply the concealer before I have put on any make up, so that I can cover the green with my usual make up and to avoid any green showing. The green concealer works amazingly and completely covers up my redness once I have applied all my make up. I was extremely surprised at how long the concealer lasts and keeps my redness covered for the whole day!

The concealer is in a small stick which is easy to carry around in case you need to top up throughout the day. It is extremely inexpensive and lasts a long time as you don’t need to use that much. I haven’t tried any other brands because the Natural Collection one works so well!

Pros and Cons:


  • Very affordable.
  • Covers redness.
  • Covers up redness well.


  • Does dry out my skin.

I love this green concealer so much! Let me know if you use green concealer and what brand.

Justaddgloss x


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