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MUA Pro Base Mattifying Fixing Mist Review

MUA setting spray

I find that throughout the day, especially if I’m really busy, that my make up doesn’t last all day and I have to regularly top it up. When I’m at work or not doing much during the day I don’t mind as much; however, if I go out, especially in the evenings, I want my make up to stay intact throughout the whole night. So I took a trip to Superdrug and decided to try out the MUA Pro-Base mattify Fixing Mist for all day long wear. I chose the mattifying version as I prefer my make up to look more matte; they also do a normal version, which isn’t matte but I haven’t tried that one out before. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have oily skin as it doesn’t hide it and could make it worse.

IMG_1067Once I have put on all my make up I wait for my mascara to dry and I spray this all over my face in a horizontal motion. I don’t spray it too close to my face otherwise you end up with patches and it doesn’t look even across your face. For extra hold you can also apply this spray after you have put on your foundation and again after the rest of your makeup. It takes only a couple of seconds to dry and is extremely lightweight so it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing too much make up on!

I mostly use the spray when I go out in the evenings and find that my make up barely moves and lasts much longer compared to when I don’t use it. I prefer the matte version as during an evening it can get quite hot and I don’t want to look shiny. I have found that since using this spray I don’t have to powder as much, I do a little but you don’t need to as this spray keeps you looking matte for ages.

Pros and Cons:


  • Keeps my make up lasting longer.
  • Makes my make up look more matte.


  • Takes a while to dry.
  • You have to be careful not to spray it too close or can make your make up look patchy.

This is the first setting spray I have used but so far I really like it and would highly recommend it!

Justaddgloss x

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MUA Pro Base Mattifying Fixing Mist

Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner Review

Rimmel Brown eyeliner

A couple of months ago I needed a new brown eyeliner and after falling In love with the Rimmel Lindon back waterproof Scandaleyes eyeliner I wanted to get the brown one too. Now I don’t know if they don’t make a brown version or maybe they just didn’t have any in stock when I went but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So in desperation I picked up the Rimmel London Exaggerate instead. 

IMG_1041At first sight this eyeliner looked really good and since using it, I was right! It winds up which is amazing as you don’t need to sharpen it, which is perfect for me because I have ruined a lot of eyeliners when trying to sharpen them. It also has, what I can only describe as, a little sponge on the other end if you wanted to smudge out your eyeliner. Because it doesn’t need to be sharpened the pencil is really thin and easy to carry around. 

Pros and Cons:


  • You don’t have all the trouble of having to sharpen it.
  • It is a great price (£3.99).
  • It is very pigmented.


  • It doesn’t last all day and you do have to reapply.

The eyeliner it’s self is amazing! I prefer using waterproof eyeliners as they come out thicker and last a lot longer than non-waterproof eyeliners. This eyeliner if perfect as you can use it lightly during the day and apply it thicker for an evening look. 

Let me know what your favourite eyeliner is! 

Justaddgloss x

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Sudocrem Skin Care Cream Review


I was given the chance to try the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream and its amazing! Sudocrem has never been a brand I have considered using as part of my skin care regime, however I will definitely be using it now!

The great thing about this cream is that its really versatile; it can be used for dry skin, spot prone skin, as moisturiser or even as a face mask. Within a couple of days of using it I noticed that my skin was less dry and looked clearer. I rarely get spots but when I had a couple I put the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream on and over night my spots had already reduced. I also used the cream as a face mask, which at first took some getting used to as it isn’t designed to only be a face mask which means that it doesn’t harden on your skin. I left it on for about 20 minutes, which is the recommended time for typical face masks, and after taking it off, my skin felt softer and clearer. The cream has a really thick consistency which I like as you feel that it is actually working on your skin.


I absolutely LOVE the packaging! I love that it comes in a tube so it is easy to carry around in your bag and personally I much prefer tubes to pots. At first it was a little difficult to get the product out as it is really thick but with a good squeeze it comes out! I also found that because it is thick and also in a tube it avoids a lot of mess and the lid hasn’t got clogged with wasted product which I really like.

Pros and Cons:


  • Nourished my skin nicely.
  • Reduced redness and spots.
  • Can be used in a range of different ways.
  • Very affordable (£2.09).


  • The formula is thick which makes it slightly difficult to get out of the tube.

The Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is really good for sensitive skin and works for the whole family regardless of age or skin type. It is also very inexpensive and is definitely a product I will be using more often!

Justaddgloss x

Products Mentioned:

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream


Thank you to Sudocrem for sending me this product to review.

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat Review

Sally Hansen nails

For the last few months I have been using the Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat around once a week when I re-paint my nails.

I was originally looking for the Barry M base and top coat but couldn’t find it. I have heard good things about Sally Hansen but haven’t tried any of their products before. I have been using this nail varnish for just over a month now and it is honestly amazing! When I use it as a base coat it dries really quickly and doesn’t leave my nails looking a yellow-ish colour when I take my nail varnish off. As a top coat it is shiny and thick and keeps my nail varnish on for ages. I rarely get chips in my nail varnish with it on and it keeps my nails feeling strong and nice. IMG_1042

I was sceptical at first because I thought Sally Hansen products were expensive but it actually wasn’t! The bottle is a decent size so it wont run out for a while. Also the brush is good quality and a good size to fit my nails. One difference I have noticed, compared to other base and top coats, is that you don’t need to use as much nail varnish on the brush as it covers well and the brush is a good size that you don’t need to repeatedly go over it. This is really good as it avoids streaks in your nail varnish when it dries.

I will definitely be checking out some more of their products as they aren’t too expensive and really good quality. Let me know if you have tried any Sally Hansen nail varnishes and what you thought!

Justaddgloss x