Tony and Guy Sea Salt Spray

Tony and guy sea salt spray

The Tony and Guy Sea Salt Spray has to be one of my favourite hair products to use! It works amazingly on all types of hair and lasts a long time.

IMG_0094The Sea Salt Spray adds texture into your hair and gives it that ‘beachy’ feel. I really like to use it if my hair is looking a bit flat and needs some sprucing up! I have used it on both my naturally curly hair and straightened hair and it works just as well on both. As a plus it smells amazing and leaves a nice scent in your hair for the whole day. I have tried a few different sea salt sprays and nothing compares to this one; it adds the most texture and volume, and leaves my hair looking the nicest. It is also reasonably priced at around £8. The bottle is a reasonable size and lasts a long time.

I highly recommend the Tony and Guy sea salt spray; let me know if you have tried it and what you thought!

Justaddgloss x


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