Disney Tag

Disney Tag.jpg

I love Disney so much I thought it would only be fitting that I do the Disney Tag!!

1. Favourite character? Hercules
2. Favourite princess? Aurora
3. Favourite heroine? Tinkerbell
4. Favourite prince? Eugene Fitzherbert or Prince Eric
5. Favourite hero? Simba
6. Favourite animal? Flounder
7. Favourite sidekick? Olaf
8. Favourite villain? Prince Hans or Jafar
9. Favourite original character? Mickey Mouse
10.Favourite song? When Will my Life Begin and Part of Your World
11. Favourite villain song? Poor Unfortunate Souls and Be Prepared
12. Least favourite song? As much as I love Frozen I don’t really like Let if Go
13. Favourite kiss? Ariel and Eric’s
14. First movie I ever saw? Rupunzel I think.
15. Favourite classic? Peter Pan or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
16. Least favourite classic? Pinocchio
17. Favourite Pixar movie? Finding Nemo…obviously!
18. Least favourite Pixar movie? Cars
19. Favourite sequel? Toy Story 2 and 3
20. Overrated movie? Brave
21. Underrated movie? Mary Poppins
22. Movie that makes me laugh? U
23. Movie that makes me cry? Peter Pan
24. Favourite scene from favourite movie? When Anna visits Oaken’s shop or when they sing Hakuna Matata in The Lion King.
25. Saddest death? Nemo’s mum.
26. Favourite quote? “It’s our motto, whats a motto, nothing whats the motto with you”!
27. Favourite theme park? I have only been to Disneyland Paris..so far!
28. Favourite themed attraction? Autopia and It’s a small world.
29. Favourite show? Animagique and the Car Stunt Show.
30. Favourite love song? I see the Light

Let me know in the comments if you do this tag and what your favourite Disney Princess is!

Justaddgloss x


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