Barry M Nail Varnish

I always have to have my nails painted because I have really long nails and so I don’t think they look very nice unpainted. My favourite ever nail varnishes are the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnishes.

They look really nice and shiny on and last a really long time. I put two coats of the nail varnish and it lasts me almost two weeks, which is amazing compared to other nail varnishes. The colour is really strong and thick and it rarely chips. What I like the most is that the colour doesn’t streak and so I don’t have to put too many coats on. I also put a base and a top coat on to protect my nails and keep my nail varnish staying nice for longer. They have lots of different colours which are perfect for all occasions and seasons. Barry M also have different nail varnish ranges which I haven’t yet tried but I’m sure they will be just as good.

One really important thing I find from nail varnishes is the brush. If the brush is too big then the polish goes everywhere; and if its too small then the polish looks really streaky. I know it may seem like a minor detail but I think it’s really important to me and this nail varnish brush is perfect. The bottles are a reasonable size and the nail varnish doesn’t thicken, which can happen when you have had a nail varnish for a few months; but I haven’t found that yet with the Barry M nail varnishes.

These are my favourite nail varnishes! Let me know what your favourite nail varnishes are.

Justaddgloss x

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