Batiste Dry Shampoo


We all have that day when our hair is slightly greasy but you still want to wait one more day until you wash it. Well dry shampoo is my saviour on days like that! More specifically the Batiste dry shampoo is amazing!

This image is actually the old packaging and since taking it I have bought a new one which looks slightly different. They come in various different sizes and scents which is perfect if you want to take a smaller bottle for travelling or for in your bag. I like to get the ‘floral and flirty blush’ scent which personally I think doesn’t really smell that great, but neither of them really do in my opinion. 
The dry shampoo is really thick which means it hides all the grease showing in my hair and keeps it looking fresh all day. As well as when my hair is looking a bit greasy I also like to use it after I have straightened my hair to keep it in place and stay straight for as long as possible. 
I spray it into the roots of my hair and rub it in with my fingers, making sure none of the white spray can be seen. I also sometimes spray the middle parts of my hair, not in the roots, for extra support.
I have used a variety of different dry shampoo’s and the Batiste one is by far my favourite! It’s fairly inexpensive and; besides the smell – which I can overlook, it is amazing and does everything I am looking for from a dry shampoo!
Let me know what you think of the Batiste Dry Shampoo.
Justaddgloss x

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