No7 Waterlily Lipstick

I recently went into Boots and picked up a No7 Lipstick in the shade Waterlily. It is a really beautiful pink shiny shade, perfect if you are looking for something subtle and natural looking.
It is from the Moisture Drench range which couldn’t be more fitting! It is super hydrating and nourishing on your lips. Also during the winter my lips get dry and this has really helped to improve that. The formula is creamy which makes it feel nice on your lips. I wouldn’t call it a shimmery shade but more of a shiny shade as it adds a little bit of shine. If you wanted to make it more shimmery you can always add a lipgloss over the top, which I have also done and it still looks good!
This lipstick is really long lasting and I rarely have to top it up throughout the night which is amazing! They have so many different colours in the range and I definitely want to try out more!
Let me know if you have tried them out and what you thought in the comments!
Justaddgloss x

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