Day out: Brighton

I Love going to Brighton I think it is such a lovely town and has everything there! Since I live in London it takes around two hours on the train or around an hour and a half driving. Since it takes such a long time both there and back I rarely get the opportunity to go, but when I do its so nice!
Brighton is known as being the ‘town by the sea’ and if you have been there then you will understand this. It’s quite a built up area with lots of buildings. There are shops everywhere and of course the sea! When I go to Brighton I feel like everything is kind of squished into a little area; this is because it is very built up with everything being close but it also has everything a town needs.
I went to Brighton for a day in the summer where I went to the pier and walked along the beach. The pier was so pretty with all the games, rides and food! The sky was clear and It was really sunny which made the whole atmosphere feel really summery – which is rare in England! The beach is a pebbly beach which is a bit disappointing but it stretches really far so its not too crowded.
This New Years I stayed in Brighton over night and got a completely different experience which I really liked. We looked around the lanes which was quaint and cute; the shops are all really unique and different. We went to a bar, as it was New Years, and it was really nice, everyone is so friendly in Brighton! We also went to the beach for midnight to see the fireworks and it was really nice. First thing the next morning I went on a walk to the beach as we were staying right near it and it was so pretty to see.
If you ever get the chance to visit I would recommend it highly as it is so nice and perfect for everyone!
Let me know if you have been to Brighton and what you though of it!
Justaddgloss x

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