Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer

Seventeen concealer

I love finding really a new really good concealer and I recently bought the Seventeen Heavy Duty Under Eye concealer. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried the Seventeen one before because it’s one of the only brands that do foundations light enough for my skin tone; so I had high hopes for their concealer. 

The concealer is in a pot, which I was a bit sceptical about at first because I hadn’t tried one before. The packaging is small and compact making it easy to carry around with you. It also has a little mirror which is super handy.

Because it is in a pot it is really thick and so I wasn’t sure how well it would work. When I first tried it I wasn’t sure I liked it as I thought it was a bit too yellow toned. But I kept trying it and I actually really like it now! As it is an extremely thick concealer you have to pack it on and blend it slightly. I think it is best to use on spots or blemishes but I also use it under my eyes and it looks good.
Pros and Cons:
  • It covers spots really well.
  • It is a reasonable price (£5.49).
  • A little bit goes a long way.


  • It is hard to blend.
  • It doesn’t last all day.
Let me know what your favourite concealer is, I would love to try a new one.
Justaddgloss x
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Seventeen Glow Shimmer Brick Review



Recently I bought the Seventeen Glow Shimmer Brick because I had heard such great things about it; and it definitely lived up to its expectations because its amazing!

There are two different types, a pink bronze and a gold bronze; I bought the gold bronze as I preferred the colours and think they look better on me. There are four different shades, a light cream shade, a light brown shade, a gold shade and a darker brown. The two lighter shades are perfect as a highlighter; the darker shades are a bit too dark as a highlighter for me but I like to use it on top of my contour to add a bit of shimmer.
As I have pale skin the darker shades are way too dark for me but I think it would look really good with darker skin or in the summer with a tan. It looks really natural on and I think it would be perfect for summer. I also think it they would make really good shimmery eyeshadows.
The shades are so pigmented and shimmery, leaving your skin glowing! The highlighter lasts throughout the whole day and the range of colours are so good if you are going from a day to night look. I also think the lightest colour is perfect to put in the inner corners of your eyes. The packaging is easy to carry in your bag, and I love that there are four different shade options for all occasions.
Let me know if you have tried the Seventeen glow shimmer brick and what you thought of it!
Justaddgloss x

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews about the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer but personally I really like it! From reading reviews about it, I think it all depends on your skin type and what you want from a primer.

I apply the primer to my nose area and under my eyes to make sure my make up is even. The consistency is really thick and what I would describe as more of a gel, and actually makes me feel like it is doing something. It is a clear colour which I prefer as it means I wont have different colours on my skin and my foundation all looks even.

As it is thick it really covers my pores and ‘erases’ them, which is what the product claims to do. I don’t use this all over my face, however, I feel like it would work amazingly if I did. Personally I prefer to use a lighter weight primer over the rest of my face. This Maybelline pore eraser also helps to keep my make up on longer as typically, without it, it doesn’t stay on around my nose area and comes off throughout the day.

Pros and Cons:


  • It covers my pores to help even out my skin.
  • It keeps my make up lasting longer.
  • It is very affordable (£7.99).
  • You only need to use a little amount of product.


  • It is very thick and heavy.

I have almost finished mine and have already bought a new one ready to use! Let me know if you have used it and what you thought.

Justaddgloss x
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No7 Waterlily Lipstick

I recently went into Boots and picked up a No7 Lipstick in the shade Waterlily. It is a really beautiful pink shiny shade, perfect if you are looking for something subtle and natural looking.
It is from the Moisture Drench range which couldn’t be more fitting! It is super hydrating and nourishing on your lips. Also during the winter my lips get dry and this has really helped to improve that. The formula is creamy which makes it feel nice on your lips. I wouldn’t call it a shimmery shade but more of a shiny shade as it adds a little bit of shine. If you wanted to make it more shimmery you can always add a lipgloss over the top, which I have also done and it still looks good!
This lipstick is really long lasting and I rarely have to top it up throughout the night which is amazing! They have so many different colours in the range and I definitely want to try out more!
Let me know if you have tried them out and what you thought in the comments!
Justaddgloss x