Hair Styling Tools

Hair styling tools are something that I use all the time and definitely couldn’t live without! I have a lot of hair, it’s quite thick, long and extremely curly so it can be difficult to find tools which actually work on my hair. I thought I would share what tools and brands I use.
The most important hair styling tool, I would have to say is a hairdryer, I just couldn’t live without mine! I have a pink one from Babyliss, I’m not exactly sure which one I have as it’s quite old. The best thing about this hairdryer is that the cord is retractable which makes it perfect to store away and travel with. It gets my hair dry really quickly and has lasted me a long time. As you might be able to tell it has quite a few bumps and scratches on it but it still works perfectly.
My favourite tool to use has to be my hair straighteners! As I have really curly hair I, majority of the time, always straighten it. I have the Tony and Guy hair straighteners which go up to 230 degrees. I usually have it on the highest setting as it takes about an hour and a half to straighten my hair so I like to get it done as quickly as possible. My favourite thing about these straighteners have to be that you can digitally see what temperature it is at, making it easier to change it. They also automatically turn off after an hour which is really useful if you tend to forget to turn them off – which I have done a few times!
I also have the Babyliss curling tool; again I have had this for a while so I couldn’t find what it was called – and I’m not sure if they still sell it, but I would completely recommend all Babyliss products. Unfortunately, my hair has got too heavy so the last time I tried the curls just fell out. However, when I have been able to use it, it works amazingly! you lock your hair into the wand so it properly curls your hair and makes it last a long time. You can have full ringlets or just lose waves depending on how long you leave your hair in for. These are really good curlers and a good idea for people just starting out as I think it is easier to use than a curling wand and you are less likely to burn your hands!
Let me know what your favourite hair brand tools are to use and if you have tried out anything I mentioned.
Justaddgloss x

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