Lush Lip Scrub Review

For Christmas my boyfriend got me some Lush products and one thing I asked for was the Lush lip scrub. This was because during the winter and colder months my lips get really sore cracked. No matter how much lip balm I put on nothing is helping them. So I thought I would try the Lush lip scrub because it is made from sugars which helps to scrub away at the cracked and dead skin.
I got the Bubblegum one which smells amazing! It works perfectly on my lips and clears them so quickly leaving them feeling soft. Despite it being a bright pink shade it doesn’t leave a colour which I like because you are then able to put another lip product on afterwards.
The lip scrub is made out of sugar and so you scrub it on your lips (similar to a body exfoliator!) and then you can lick it off afterwards and it tastes quite nice! Of course you can just rub it off if you don’t want to. I like to put it on throughout the day and I just rub it onto my lips, rub my lips together to make sure they are properly scrubbed and left feeling smooth. Finally I just remove the product and my lips are left looking and feeling great! Sometimes I like to put some lip balm on after just for extra protection but I feel as if the lip scrub works perfectly and I don’t need anything else to help them.


I would highly recommend this as nothing else seemed to work for me and from speaking to other people they have the same issue with their lips as I do. At first it does look and feel a bit weird but don’t be put off because it is honestly the best product and so far the only thing which has worked for me.
As it is from Lush it is also nice knowing it is safe, hasn’t been tested on animals and has very few ingredients in. There is actually a lot of product packed in so it should last a long time. The pot is the perfect travel size and easy to carry around in your bag. I did find when travelling the product became a bit loose but you can just press it back into the pot and its fine.
Pros and Cons:
  • It removes all the peeling and flaky skin from my lips.
  • It allows my lipstick to apply smoother and last longer.
  • My lips feel softer.


  • It does make my lips look red straight after using it.
Let me know if you have tried any of the Lush lip scrubs before and what you thought of them!
Justaddgloss x
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