T-Zone Clear Out Nose Pore Strips Review

About a month ago I bought some T-Zone nose pore strips; I had never heard of the brand before but they were the only ones in the shop so I thought I would just try them out and if I liked them see if there were other brands in different shops. I wasn’t really sure what to expect I was just hoping for my pores to be cleared out and my nose left feeling smooth and clean.

I was completely impressed with these nose strips, I was surprised by actually how badly clogged up my pores were and it has made me wonder how bad the rest of my skin could be. My nose was left smooth and I actually felt like the pore strip had worked. I wasn’t left with any red patches or a sore feeling on my nose.
It took me a bit of time to work out how to use the strip but I soon realised that your nose has to be wet for the strip to stick. You leave it on for about 10 minutes; and in that time the strip gets harder which can feel a bit uncomfortable or weird! After 10 minutes you have to rip it off, like a plaster! I didn’t think it was too painful as you know its helping your skin.
I wasn’t sure how often you should use them so I did one two weeks later as I do put quite a few products on my nose and I wanted to see how quickly your pores get clogged up again. They weren’t that bad after two weeks so I have decided I will do one every 4-6 weeks. Again I am not too sure if this is too often or not but I guess its just a bit of trial and error!
I looked into the T-Zone brand and saw they also sell face pore strips so I think I will also try them out. The brand isn’t expensive and I think it is completely worth buying as they have worked amazingly for me. As I said these are the first one’s I have tried so there may be better ones, but right now these work perfectly for me.
Let me know what you think of pore strips and what brand you use as I would love to try more out!
Justaddgloss x

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