Christmas: Christmas Tag

Thank you for tagging me Lou Loves ( I hope you enjoy this tag and let me know if you do this tag.

1- What is your favourite Christmas scent? 
My favourite Christmas scent has to be Snow Fairy from Lush, it’s amazing!! 

2- Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 
Always on Christmas morning! 

3- Have you ever had a White Christmas 
Yes I think so when I was younger, but not recently 😦  

4- Favourite Festive Food 
Mince Pies  

5- Do you prefer giving or receiving presents? 
Probably receiving – even though I love giving presents I find it difficult to find the right presents to give people. 

6- Favourite Christmas Film? 
Has to be Miracle on 34th Street!

7- Christmas Wardrobe Essentials? 
Cozy fluffy socks! 

8- Where do you dream of visiting over Christmas? 
The North Pole to see Santa! 

9- Best bit of Christmas? 
Spending time with my family. 

Justaddgloss x

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