Seventeen Contour Kit Review

As some of you may know the Sleek contour kit is my holy-grail favourite contouring palette. And so, because of this it was a bit of a stretch for me to use something else but I thought I would give it a go and try out the Seventeen contour kit. For only £5.99 it is good value for money for what you get.
The packaging is quite large compared to other kits, however it is still a good size. The kit comes with a bronzer and a very light powder. There is also a helpful insert showing you where to apply the product incase you want some help or knowledge on where to apply it.
I bought the shade Fair because I have very pale skin; I found the kit more of a day time look as its quite subtle. You can build it up to a darker look; however, I still think its more for during the day. The powder it comes with I like to use under my eyes. I does make some difference, but I think its more to emphasise the contouring and make it appear darker.
The product is long lasting and good if your starting out or looking for the ‘no make up, make up look’. I would definitely recommend this kit!
Justaddgloss x

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