How to get long nails

Before I give my tips I would like to say that these are entirely from my own experiences and have worker for me. My nails are extremely long and strong and completely my own. I would also like to add that I have never bitten my nails and so this is probably one of the main reasons they are so strong.

  1. The first and probably best tip I can give is NOT to bite your nails! I know this is easier said than done but not biting them makes your nails stronger. You can buy nail biting nail varnish which helps to stop you from biting your nails. Also if you keep them painted it may stop you from wanting to bite them. Whatever works for you is worth trying.
  2. My second tip is to keep them short. I know this sounds weird if your trying to get long nails but if you keep cutting them down to a short length then they will also get stronger and will be less likely to split when they are long.
  3. Protect your nails. My third tip is to protect your nails with a top and base coat when you paint your nails. This keeps them protected, is less likely for them to break and stops your nails from going a yellow-like colour.
  4. My final tip is to keep them painted. This keeps them strong and looking nice. This hides the bit marks and may stop you from wanting to bite them. If you are not allowed to have your nails painted then just keep a top coat on or a pale pink or cream colour, that is hardly noticeable.
I hope these tips were helpful; they are all from personal experiences either with myself or other people I know.
Justaddgloss x

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