Day Out: The Disney Cafe

Recently I went to the Disney Cafe at Harrods in London! It was just as magical as Disneyland and it felt as if I was there again! There were all different Disney characters and music from all different Disney films playing.

As you walk in the first thing you see is a giant clock face in the centre. All over the cafe are different characters including Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Toy Story and Lightning McQueen from Cars. There are screens playing different Disney films and you get the whole Disneyland feel. There are Mickey Mouse ears on the back, attached to each chair and the ceiling is a night sky. All the plates, mugs and glasses had Mickey Mouse’s face on.

The menu had a whole variety of foods from sandwiches to actual main meals. Even the food had magical Disney names such as Mickey’s ravioli and there were ‘mini foods’ such as mini burgers. Personally I felt the food was quite expensive as it is just a regular meal; however, just to have the experience of the Disney cafe was magical enough and I didn’t mind spending a little extra for something I love! I had an afternoon tea which is available after 4pm; there are two options a cream tea and a sweet tea. Of course I went for the sweet tea! Which comes with two homemade mini cupcakes, a fresh fruit tart, a mini chocolate cake. It also comes with your choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and so I went for the hot chocolate.

Next to the Disney Cafe is the Disney Shop; so incase you hadn’t experienced enough Disney you could have a look round the shop at more! It was one of the largest Disney shops I have seen, outside of Disneyland; there were different characters everywhere and a large selection of different toys, teddies and ornaments to buy.
The whole experience was magical and definitely a place I would recommend for any Disney lover like me!
Justaddgloss x

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