Body Shop: body butters

During the winter months I prefer to use a body butter as they are thicker and moisturise my skin which is important in the cold as my skin gets very dry. My favourite body butters to use are The Body Shop ones as they are nourishing and hydrating to my skin.

The Body Shop body butters come in two different sizes, a larger tub and smaller travel size tub. Personally I prefer the smaller tubs as they still have a lot of product inside and lasts a long time. However, the larger tubs are also great especially if you use a it regularly. Either way the body butters hydrate dry skin as well as not feeling sticky.
My top three favourite Body Shop body butters to use are the Mango, Passionfruit, and Moringa body butters. They are all a slightly different scent but all smell amazing and work perfectly on my skin to hydrate it and prevent dry patches. All the scents last ages and they feel light and relaxing on the skin.
As we are moving into the winter months I can’t wait to use these products even more now to keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated in the colder months.
Let me know what your favourite body butters to use are.
Justaddgloss x

9 thoughts on “Body Shop: body butters

  1. I absolutely love The Body Shop body butters, I have tried so many. My favourite is their Magnolia one though I believe it's called.

    Please check out my blog and talk to me on my own comments blog, I'm new to blogging and feeling a bit lost! A bit of positivity would do me great 🙂

    Liv xx


  2. I absolutely adore the body shop because as soon as I walk in there I'm in hevan it just smells so nice and ecspecially the mango body butter I also the there matte red lip stick it brings your shape of lips out x


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