Face masks

I love using face mask’s as they even out my skin and leaving it feeling soft and clean. I two different types; during the week I use a quick Boots 3-minute clay mask and on the weekends I have more time and so I like to use a more deep cleansing one from Montagne Jeunesse.

The Boots own 3-minute clay mask is perfect for cleansing my face and removes excess oils. I like to use this mask during the week before a shower as it gets all my make up off and the cucumber scent soothes and clears my skin. It is great for when your in a rush or to quickly clear your face in the mornings. When I first tried it I thought 3 minutes wasn’t long enough but I found it worked just as well as any other face mask I had tried before.
My favourite face mask to use are the Montagne Jeunesse mud packs; they come in a variety of different scents to clean and clear your skin in different ways. You can buy them in individual sachets which I manage to get two uses out of. However, I prefer to buy them in the tube as you get more uses out of it and I like to use them regularly. My favourite one to use is the ultra deep pore cleansing with dead sea and sea kelp. The ingredients used are soothing and cleansing to the skin. You leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes and after your skin feels refreshed and cleansed. I like to use this particular face mask as it clears my pores which makes my make up apply smoother and doesn’t go patchy.
Face masks are the perfect way to make sure your skin is completely make up free as well as cleaning your skin and pores leaving you feeling refreshed and cleansed.
Let me know your favourite face masks.
Justaddgloss x

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