Day out: London Zoo

The zoo is one of my favourite places to visit and so recently I visited London zoo! Now for people who don’t like zoo’s that much it wouldn’t seem that exciting but as a zoo visiting person London zoo is very different.
They have a variety of different animals including giraffes, hippos, gorillas, monkeys, camels, chickens, sheep, bugs, snakes and butterflies. You can see all kind of animals up-close and personal. You can walk through the monkey, bird and butterfly enclosures which gives you a closer look and experience with the animals. Unfortunately, the lion enclosure was being refurbished when I visited but I still got to experience everything else in the zoo. Fortunately for me I went at a very quiet time so I got to see all the animals. Throughout the day there are feeding times at the zoo and there is always something going on.
The people at the zoo take care and look after the animals, I experienced this when an ostrich was injured and darted so they could take a closer look at the issue. The zoo keepers regularly look after and check the animals, I think this is important as the animals are still getting good care.
I would definitely recommend visiting London zoo as there are lots of animals to see and it is a good day out. My favourite parts of the zoo had to be seeing the giraffes, penguins, tigers and the llamas.

Justaddgloss x

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