No.7 nail varnish

I always have to have my nails painted and I love buying and adding new shades to my collection (which has now become incredibly large!). One of my favourite nail varnishes are the No.7 nail varnishes from both the gel-look shine collection and the stay perfect collection.

My favourite collection has to be the gel-look shine as the colours are thick and deep so I don’t have to put on too many coats. The nail polish is long lasting and rarely chips. My favourite two shades are Deep Wine and Mint Treat. I have most of the collection but I will definitely get more!
I really like how the lid is large as it makes the brush easier to grip and I have a steadier hand when painting my nails. I also like that the brush is quite large so I can get an even coat across the whole nail. Also the brush is rounded at the end so it fits the whole nail and prevents me from getting the polish on my skin making it easier to paint my nails.
The collection has a range of colours including summer colours, darker colours and pastel colours. This means there is a shade for all occasions! I also like how there are unique colours such as the Orange Spice shade as I can have a variety of different shades. This is also useful for me as it means I won’t end up with the same shade from a range of brands (which tends to happen with typical colours).
The nail varnish is easy and doesn’t take too long to take off with any nail varnish remover. I also apply it with a base and top coat for extra shine however a top coat isn’t necessary with this nail varnish as it does have a shine finish; however, I just apply it for extra protection and durability to my nails.
Let me know if you have tried any of these nail varnishes and what you thought!
Justaddgloss x

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