Liquid Highlighter VS Powder Highlighter: What Is Better?

To me highlighter is like one of those types of products which isn’t really a necessity it just adds more dimension to your face but is rarely noticed. The main reason I love using a highlighter so much is how it adds sparkle to your face and is amazing for pictures and in the sun.

My love for using a highlighter began when I got the Sleek contour kit. I began using the powder highlighter which came with and after a while I thought I would use a liquid highlighter instead. It took me a while to find a good drugstore one as I didn’t want to splurge on a product I wasn’t sure I would like! After an excessive amount of research I decided to buy the Rimmel London Good to Glow highlighter in 001 Notting Hill Glow.

The powder highlighter is subtle and adds a slight shimmer to my face. In comparison to the liquid highlighter which shimmers in the light and is long lasting. I prefer to use the powder during the day when I was a bit of a shine but don’t want too much make up on. I prefer to use the liquid highlighter in the evening or when I have a lot of make up on and am going out.
I love wearing highlighter as I feel it adds a glow to my face and looks nice against bronzer or contouring. After much comparison between the two I decided I would used them both as they are both suitable for different occasions and I really like them both.
Do you use highlighter? And if so, do you use liquid or powder?
Justaddgloss x

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