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What Is Better Liquid or Power Highlighter


I never used to be a massive fan of highlighters and felt is was one of those products which wasn’t really a necessity it just adds more dimension to your face but is rarely noticed. But this has all changed since testing and trying out lots of different highlighters and really seeing why people love it so much! The main reason I love using a highlighter is because of the natural glow and sparkle it adds to your face and is amazing for pictures and in the sun.

My love for using a highlighter began when I got the Sleek contour kit. I began using the powder highlighter which came with and after a while I thought I would use a liquid highlighter instead. It took me a while to find a good drugstore one as I didn’t want to splurge on a product I wasn’t sure I would like! After an excessive amount of research I decided to buy the Rimmel London Good to Glow highlighter in 001 Notting Hill Glow.

The powder highlighter is subtle and adds a slight shimmer to my face. In comparison to the liquid highlighter which shimmers in the light and is long lasting. I prefer to use the powder during the day when I was a bit of a shine but don’t want too much make up on. I prefer to use the liquid highlighter in the evening or when I have a lot of make up on and am going out.
I love wearing highlighter as I feel it adds a glow to my face and looks nice against bronzer or contouring. After much comparison between the two I decided I would used them both as they are both suitable for different occasions and I really like them both.
Do you use highlighter? And if so, do you use liquid or powder?
Justaddgloss x

MAC Products

I have recently invested in my first few MAC products after having my make up done there. I decided to invest in the products which I really loved and ones which I didn’t think I could buy similar anywhere else. I decided on their foundation, brow gel and the paint pot. Take a further look at what I think on each of the products!


MAC Browset


I have blonde eyebrows which are virtually impossible to see. I found using the MAC browset made them darker but still natural. At first it was quite difficult to use and took a lot of practice to get them looking natural but as I used it more it became much easier and I now prefer it to powder! I have the shade beguile which if you use a lot of can look extremely dark. However, the lighter you use it the more natural it looks (that is if you want light brows, obviously the darker you want them the more of the product you use!) 

MAC Paint Pot

This is the perfect eyeshadow base; it keeps my eyeshadow on for hours and works with both light and dark shades. You can also use it on it’s own (which I do a lot) as it gives a slightly darker look to my eyelids. I have the shade Painterly which is a light brown shade.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. It is long lasting and the shade is almost perfect for my skin tone (which is hard for me to find). However, it takes a long time to blend in and doesn’t have the best coverage. Despite this it is typically my go-to foundation and  I never break out with it. I have the shade A52 which I believe is one of the lightest shades.

Justaddgloss x